Our Story

Welcome! I'm Carely, and I'm thrilled you're here! Our journey started in a challenging place. I was exhausted, putting in long hours in corporate America, feeling like my body was betraying me. I lacked the energy to engage in activities I loved, let alone be present for my loved ones.

Seeking a glimmer of joy, I revisited an old passion... Reading ! Among the shelves of indie bookstores and thrift shops, I rekindled my inner bookworm.I chose to make a calm, relaxing moment for myself.I grabbed my favorite mug , steeped some tea, and cracked open my first fantasy novel in years..... As you guessed it, MUG & PAGE BOOKS was born. 

I wanted to recreate this blissful moment for others to bask in the magic of reading and discover a moment for themselves. Before I knew it our first blind date with a book experience was born. Providing all the must-haves for an awesome reading rendezvous at a budget-friendly cost.